Day 5— Soupe Au Pistou

This soup to me is a mix of a hearty vegetables and a nice pistou. Pistou is, if you’re wondering, like a tomato pesto. Soupe Au Pistou, when the name is broken down, is “Provencal Vegetable Soup with Garlic, Basil and Herbs”.

I decided for this blog to interview a couple of the people who eat my soup to see what they actually thought.

The first person I interviewed was my younger sister Rachel. She said that she thought that their was a great variation of vegetables, but that there was too much pisou in the soup.

The next person I talked to was my Grandma. She said that she thought it was very tasty and loved it a lot.

Soupe Au Pistou

Start by putting three quarts water in a big pot and heat till boiling.

imageThen dice two cups carrots,

image  two cups of the “whites” of the leeks,


two cups diced fresh green beans,


and two cups diced boiling potatoes.

imageThen throw all the cut vegetables and one Tbs salt into the boiling water for 40 minutes.

imageOnce it has cooked add two cups of white kidney beans, 1/3 cup dried pasta and one slice of crumbled dry bread, 1/8 tsp pepper and a pinch of saffron. I was a bit weirded out about the dried bread. I was like—WHAT!?!?— but that’s what the recipe says, so just roll with it. Also my mother went shopping for all my ingredients and she couldn’t find saffron anywhere even after looking at three different stores. Then let cook another 15 minutes.

While the soup cooks start making  the pistou.

To start the pistou put four crushed garlic cloves, six Tbs tomato puree, 1/4 tsp basil, 1/2 cup grated parmesan in a blender. I didn’t have the full amount of basil so I used a bit of dried basil which is what Julia Childs says to do if you don’t have fresh. Blend.imageThen while slowly blending add in 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup fruity olive oil, drop by drop. Before you serve the soup, add the pistou. Serve with French bread.

Also I served my “Soupe Au Pistou” with a “Frittata” accompanied by a “Caesar Salad” and “Sautéed Kale “.

Bon Appét


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